Madhva Sidanta

Dualism of Madhva (Dvaita Sidanta) – Madhvamatha

GOD (Krishna) is the ONE and ONLY Independent Principle (Svatantra) {Bimbha} [Paramatman], and all finite reality comprising the Prakriti, Purusas, Kala, Karma, Svabhava, etc., is dependent (Para tantra) {pratibimbha}[Atman].

This concept of two orders of reality Svatantra and para tantra is the fundamental of Madhva’s Dvaita Sidanta.

This Para tantra is  metaphysical (supernatural), and fundamental to the very being and becoming of the finite (limited) which can never outgrow Svatantra (God).

The dependent real exist with out any doubt from eternity; but they do so not in their own right but on acceptance of the supreme lord (Svatantra).  They are not in despite of the lord; but because of him.  They owe their very existence, knowledge, activity etc., to him.

Lord is the only one who is full and complete, however, all other jeeva and jada is full and complete to its shape and size.  For Example, if we take  varied size of utensils which are filled with water, they are full and complete to the extend of its size, that does not mean that they are filled with water that is available.

Devatataratamya or just taratamya the gradation of Gods (Sytematic Hierarchy) as per Madhva can be seen full-fledged in Ekayana and Pancaratra.  For more information see

Taratamya Stotra

Taratamya Stotra

Madhvacharya’s Doctrine makes us to understand his sidanta better.  For more information see

Madhvacharya also enlighten us with the five fundemental difference between God, Jiva’s, and Jada’s.  For more information on Pancha Bedha see

Madhvacharya also propounds the theory of  classification of jivas into three categories (trividhajivas) consisting of Muktiyogya, Tamoyogya, and Nityasamsarins.


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