Sree Guru Raghavendra Stotra as a Kannada Padhya

During the last aradhane mahatsova of  Sree Vyasatatwagnaru in VenuSomapura (24 Aug 2008),  Our P.R. Sheshadri was encouraged by sree gurugalu to translate Appanacharya’s Rayara Stotra as a Kannada padhya in front of him.

Sheshadri states it as a miracle, he narrates that Sree Vyasatatwagnaru holded his hands and made him to wirte this beautiful poem.

To get the copy of the rayara stotra as a kannada padhya click here.

About Vyasatatwagnaru

In 1704, Vyasatatwagnaru (Agniamsharu) was born to IG Narasimhaachar. He is believed to be taken avatara as Krishnadwaipayna of Uttaradi mutt parampare and sree Srinivas thertharu of Vysarayara parampare.  In his age of 77, he took sanyasa ashrama from sree Bhuvanedra thertharu.  He was the author of the following books: Mandanandini, Kulisha, Nyayadamana, and others.  Sree Gopala dasaru were his adopted son.  Sree Vyasatatwagnaru was known as Adavi Swamigalu, and sree Vishnu thertharu was his disciple.  In 1800 at VenuSomapura, he entered his Brindavana.  Even to this day, he is performing lot or miracles. He wrote lot of devaranamagalu with ankita as Vasudeva Vittala.  Venu Somapura is just 45 kms from Mantralayam.


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