About Padhyamala and Padhyamala shloka1

About Padhyamala

Sri Jayathirtha’s Padhyamala consists of 126 shlokas and it describes the mode of worship, or, Puja vidhi of Sriman Narayana.

This is also an abbreviation and explanation of the ideas propounded in Tantrasara sangraha of Sri Madhwacharya. In Padhyamala, Jayateertharu provides steps and methods one (especially Madhwas) should worship Hari SarvOththamma. The process includes right from performing our nitya karmas, collecting flowers, tulasi, and up to prarthana in the last shlokas.

A study of this important work will enlighten all eligible souls in their daily worship of Sri Hari, and lead to their material and spiritual upliftment.

As per part of one’s daily duty, worshipping of GOD is a must, for every eligible soul. Worshipping of GOD can be done in two types:  Using Idol (Prathima) and invoking God into the idol, or simply through the Shaligrama. The first requires greater sanctity and is more elaborate in process. It is done daily by a few only. The second type is common and a must to all eligible souls. Whatever the type, the worship has got to be done strictly according to Shastra, so that it leads to our welfare, upliftment and eventually moksha.  The main thing about the worship is to imagine (train your mind and soul) that the God is in front of us. He is supreme, perfect, and flawless. We should pay Him the highest respects in all possible ways & request Him to kindly accept our humble services.

Padhyamala describes not only the common Shaligrama worship but gives the mode of Idol or the Prathima worship.

Sri Jayateertharu, at the end of the Padhyamala has stated that due to some un-avoidable circumstance, if one is not able to perform GOD’s worship on any day, he can get the full benefit and merit of performing the worship, by reading WITH DEVOTION this Padhyamala.

Padhyamala Shloka 1

praNamya SrIpatiM sarvAn guruMSchAtha pravachmyaham
YathAmati harE: pUjAvidhiM vaiShNavasaMmatam

ಪ್ರಣಮ್ಯ ಶ್ರೀಪತಿಂ ಸರ್ವಾನ್ ಗುರುಂಶ್ಚಾಥ ಪ್ರವಚ್ಮ್ಯಹಮ್
ಯಥಾಮತಿ ಹರೇ: ಪೂಜಾವಿಧಿಂ ವೈಷ್ಣವಸಂಮತಮ್

In this shloka: Jayateertharu prays Sriman Narayana, the lord of lakshmi devi – SriPati (which comprise of Brahmarudradi devaadi vandya Lakshmisahita Srihari) and all great gurus (vandana of all tatvaabhimaani devataas, Padmanabhatirthaadi gurus). I am narrating the process and steps to perform the pooja of sri hari, that is as per vaishnava sampradaya (as told in tantra Sara Sangraha).

Sripati = sriyah patye, brahmarudradi devatas are worshipping srimaha lakshmi, and it complies the supremacy of lord sri hari.

Gurun = brahma, vayu, rudra, devatas who control all organs, gurus starting from padma nabha teertharu and others ( narahari teertharu, madhava teertharu, akshobya teertharu).

Vaishnava samatham = mainly vaishnava shironmani brahma, vayu, and rudra. Here we need to consider that it is based on the tantrasara sangraha the text written by sri madhva acharyaru.


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