Chaturvimshadhi Roopa – 24 Keshavaadi Roopas of Lord Sriman Narayana – Part1



Compiled the content from various sources: Pravachanas, Books, Mailing Lists, and Monthly Magazines.

I would like to thank all the sources for enlightening.

Sriman Narayana, has four arms, and in his four arms hold sankha (conch), chakra (discuss), gada (mace), and padma, (lotus).

  • The conch stands for the five elements, the sound of AUM, Shaligrama, Goddess Lakshmi, the waters, purity and perfection, and finally for jnana prapthi (Knowledge).
  • The disc stands for the terrible weapon which destroys the evil and protects the righteous. It symbolizes the light bearing sun which illuminates and removes darkness. It also stands for higher consciousness (sat-buddhi) which destroys all illusions, and to follow Dharma.
  • The mace represents the power of knowledge, and symbolizes to get control over desires.
  • The lotus symbolizes beauty, harmony, creation, self-realization (moksha).

Based on the position of these four (4) symbols held in his four hands, and with four groups of colors, Sriman Narayana is called in 24 different names:


Lord’s Name

Lakshmi’s Name

Color of Lord

Tattvas (Elements)

1 Keshava Sri Gold (Yellow) Aakasha (Sky/ Space)
2 Narayana Lakshmi White Vayu (Air/Gas)
3 Madhava Kamala Black Vahni (Fire/Light)
4 Govinda Padma Spatika (Crystal white) Apa (Water)
5 Vishnu Padmini Padma Kesar (Yellow) Prithvi (Earth)
6 Madhusudhana Kamalalaya Red Shabdha (Sound)
7 Trivikrama Rama Fire (Red) Sparsha (Touch)
8 Vamana Vrushaakapi Rising Sun (Red) Roopa (Sight/Light)
9 Sridhara Dhanya White Rasa (Taste)
10 Hrishikesha Vruddhi Lightning (White) Gandha (Smell)
11 Padmanabha Yagna Black Vaak (Speech)
12 Damodhara Indira Red Paani (Hand)
13 Sankarshana Hiranya Red Paadha (Legs)
14 Vasudeva Harani White Payu (Excretory Organs)
15 Pradyumna Sathya Gold (Yellow) Upastha (Reproductory organs)
16 Anirudha Nitya Black Shrotha (Ear)
17 Purushothama Nanda Spatika (Crystal White) Tvak (Skin)
18 Adokshaja Treya Black Netra (Eye)
19 Narashima Sukha Gold (Yellow) Jihva (Tongue)
20 Achyuta Sugandha Yellow Ghran (Nose)
21 Janardhana Sundari Red Manas
22 Upendra Vidya Black Buddhi
23 Hari Sushila Yellow Ahankara
24 Krishna Sulakshana Black Prakruti (Chitt)

1-5: Panch Bootha, 6-10: Panch-Tanmātrās or Panch-Vishays, or Panch Prāns, 11-15: Pancha Karma-Indriyas), 16-20: Panch Gnana Indriyas, 21-24: Antahkarana (Four intellectual systems or functional operating units).

Keshava  – ಕೇಶವ

shrImatpaMkajashaMKacakragadayA saMBUShitE kESavE

ಶ್ರೀಮತ್ಪಂಕಜಶಂಖಚಕ್ರಗದಯಾ ಸಂಭೂಷಿತೇ ಕೇಶವೇ

 Keshava Keshava has several meanings, and few of them are:

  • Keshava (ka + I + Isha): Ka – Brahma, I – Lakshmi, Isha – Rudra, va – preraka (vardhayathi)
  • Srihari is the Preraka for Lakshmi, Brahma and Rudra Devaru also. That means he is the preraka for everybody without any exception.
  • The lord of creation, preservation, and dissolution.
  • One who is endowed with divine powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and who can make the lord of Generation, i.e. Brahma and lord of Distruction Shiva both happy. An operator who is perfect Generator and Distructor.
  • One whose Kesa or hair is long, uncut and beautiful.
  • One who destroyed the asura or demon Kesi in the Krishna avatar.
  • One who is endowed with the rays of light spreading within the orbit of the sun.


Narayana – ನಾರಾಯಣ

chakrAMBOjagadAsudarshanadharE nArAyaNE sarvadA

ಚಕ್ರಾಂಭೋಜಗದಾಸುದರ್ಶನಧರೇ ನಾರಾಯಣೇ ಸರ್ವದಾ

 Narayana Narayana has several meanings, and few of them are: 

  • NaarayaNa: Ara – Dosha, Naara – dOsharahita Guna, Ayana –Ashraya.  One who does not have any blemish, and complete with all gunas (qualities).
  • Naara – Water, Ayana – Resting place, The Supreme Lord Vishnu whose resting place is water is therefore called Naarayana.
  • Naara – the living entities (Jivas). Therefore, another meaning of Naarayana is ‘resting place for all living entities’.
  •  Narayana is “The Supreme Being who is the foundation of all men.
  • Naar means water in human (Nar) body, is residence (Aayan) of God (Naarayan).
  • Nara means humans and Ayana means shelter so Narayana means the shelter of all human beings.
  • Naara – One who has attained Mukti, Ayana – Shelter. One who gives shelter to mukta jeevas

The close association of Narayana with water explains the frequent depiction of Narayana in Hindu art as standing or sitting on an ocean

Madhava – ಮಾಧವ

BaktirmEastu gadAriSaMkAjalajairyuktE dRuDhA mAdhavE

ಭಕ್ತಿರ್ಮೇಽಸ್ತು ಗದಾರಿಶಂಕಾಜಲಜೈರ್ಯುಕ್ತೇ ದೃಢಾ ಮಾಧವೇ

 Madhava Madhava has several meanings, and few of them are:

  • Madhava” – “maa” + “dhava”. Maa – Lakshmi or Jnaana. Dhava – Pati or Adhipati
  • Means – He is Lakshmipathi the consort of Ma, or Mahalaksmi, the Mother of the universe
  • Jnaanadhipathi
  • One who is fit to be known through Madhu-vidya (kn or One who is the Lord of “Ma” or knowledge.
  • One who was born (descendant) in the tribe of Madhu (Yadu).
  • The Lord of Brahma Vidya
  • One who is the owner of all the attributes of
    Goddess of wealth
  • One who is bestower and source of sweetness (ultimate Ananda).

Govinda – ಗೋವಿಂದ

gOviMdE varachakradhAriNi gadAPullAbjaSaMKAMkitE

ಗೋವಿಂದೇ ವರಚಕ್ರಧಾರಿಣಿ ಗದಾಫುಲ್ಲಾಬ್ಜಶಂಖಾಂಕಿತೇ

 Govinda Govinda has several meanings, and few of them are:

  • Govinda” – gO = Cow, vEdaa, Earth, Sun

Vinda – rakShaka.

  • One who protects the Earth, Vedas, and the Cow.
  • One who enlivens the senses.
  • One who is the owner of of Golokadhāma.
  • Supreme Personality of pleasure (Ananda).
  • The protector and preserver of the universe; he is the source of power.
  • One who is the source of energy to the sun and one who provides light to this world.

He is the one Vedas talk about, in his Vamana roopa, he took the Earth, and In his Varaha roopa he placed the earth back in its orbit.


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  1. Prashanth Rao Says:

    Can you provide information with photographs of the all the 24 roopas. Thanks in advance.

  • t ravindra Says:

    I STARTED performing sandhya vandanam at the age of 53years.24 names of the Lord are now made ease and enthusiastic. Now it is clear for me while doing sandhyavandanam and gayatri. nanna janma dhanya vayithu.

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    Thanks you
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    Watch this link in video

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