Manmathanama Samvatsara Panchanga

As usual my good friend compiled all four mutts panchangam and created a consolidate one with important festivals and aradhane.

Print version: Manmatha_4Mata(PrintVersion)(21Mar2015)
Non print version (Colour): Manmatha_4Mata(DontPrint)(21Mar2015)

Links to Rayara mutt panchanga:

Rayara mut panchangam in Tamil_Rayaramutt

Madhva Bandhu: Tamil_Panchangam

Tanjavur Panchangam: Thanjavur Panchangam

Links to Uttaradi mutt panchanga:

Sanskrit, Kannada, Marathi and Telugu is posted below:






2 Responses to “Manmathanama Samvatsara Panchanga”

  1. Sree Says:

    Can you please post a Tamil version of the panchanga too. Unfortunately, I find all language versions except Tamil.

    A reasonable majority of Uttaraadhi mutt Madhvites that can’t read anything but Tamil but are nevertheless staunch followers and practitioners of Madhvachar.

    Could you help them too and be blessed by Poorna Pragnya ..?

    Thanks in advance. And god bless.

    Kind regards,

    Sree Off Hand phone E & O. E

    • Upendran Boovaraha Says:

      I have added the panchangam for Rayara Mutt, Madhwa Bandhu, and Tanjore Panchangam in Tamil.

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