Welcome to Vicharavedike,  started by Upendran Boovaraha.

I have started this blog to document my understanding on Dvaita Phiosophy, Rayaru, Travel,  and Technology.



19 Responses to “About”

  1. SreenevasaMurthy Says:

    Good Website . Getting and knowing the basics of our madwa philosophy. Please explain about devata Taratamya. That is order or hierarchy of devars. That is somebody telling “lord ganesha is at 18th stage” but in every pooja we are performing the ganesha pooja as first. explain more.


    Fantastic! Proud to Joint. I shall also contribute. Regards

  3. Lokesh Vishwanath Says:

    Amazing work !

    if you could publish an article why Ekadashi – fasting needs to be observed , would definitely help.

    Daily pooja vidhana for working people is very good help indeed.

    • Upendran Boovaraha Says:

      I will definitely write about it. But will need some time to publish it. Hopefully, after my Badri Yatra I will find time to write and publish it.

  4. Magesh Thiyagarajan Says:

    Excellent work by the team… I’ve love this and learning Vishnavam…

  5. P Venkataramana Rao Says:

    good contents in the web site. a useful and informative.

  6. Sonu Says:

    http://chiraan.wordpress.com – this site covers Madhwa way of living, Shri
    Hari, Raghavendra swami, astrology and more more info that is hard to find
    anywhere else. You can search what you are looking for.
    I have been a follower on this site for 3 years and have learnt and
    benefited loads and I believe others can too.
    The site owner is a Brahmin – below are just some links to articals

    http://chiraan.wordpress.com/category/people-and-astrology/page/3/ Miracles
    of shri Ragavendra swamy

    raaghavendra raaghvendra raaghavendra paahi maam | raaghavendra raaghvendra
    raaghavendra raksha maam

    http://chiraan.wordpress.com/2009/04/12/sri-108-sushameendra-teertha/ Great
    info/pics and site owner (Chiraans) personal experience

    More on this site – http://chiraan.wordpress.com/tag/raghavendra-swamy/

  7. Rajkumar Says:

    The kesavadhi 24 roopas details are very informative. Thanks.

  8. Ganesh Says:

    Nice and inspiring blog, Vipul! Thanks for following “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. 🙂

  9. Gururaja Murthy Says:

    Dear Mr Upendran,
    I am unable to reach Mr GKV Acharya who has a photo collection of Pranadevaru. Have sent him an email also without any response and the telephone numbers provided are not functional. Could you please guide me how to reach him or alternatively the place where I can get the Photo collection.

    • Upendran Boovaraha Says:

      Sir, I had the DVDs of all the pranadevara photos, let me check, If I find them will send a copy to you.

      • Gururaja Murthy Says:

        Dear Mr Upendran,
        Thank you for the wonderful news on Pranadevaru Jayanthi. Please do let me know how and where I can collect a copy of the same. With humble prayers to Pranadevaru

  10. Gururaja Murthy Says:

    Dear Upendran, Any luck with the DVD. Pls help

  11. Gururaja Murthy Says:

    Dear Upendra, Pls help with the DVD

    • Upendran Boovaraha Says:

      Sir, I have found the CDs, and will try to upload to a location where you can access them.

      • Gururaja Murthy Says:

        Dear Upendran, Thanks a million. May pranadevaru and rayaru shower their blessings on you always.

  12. Gururaja Murthy Says:

    Dear Upendran, Any progress on the uploading of the CD’s please.

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