Stotras as Kannada Padya

My good friend Sri Sheshadri Rao has been blessed by Sriman Acharyaru, and his tremendous bhakti in Madhva Siddhantha has made him and inspired him to write stotras as a Kannada Padya form.

In general we have seen translations are meanings of the stotras in textual form.  However, Sri Shesadri has been ordained to write all of them in a padya form so that it can be sung and at the same time it is understood by the layman like me.

  • The Kannada Padhya roopa of Sri Raayara Stotra was approved by Sri VignaanaNidhi teertharu
  • Sri Krishnaashtaka  is blessed by Sri VishwaPriya Teertharu
  • Sri Jayateertha Stotra  is blessed by Sri Sathyaathma Teertharu

Here is the list of the stotras in Kannada Padya Form:

Stotra Name


 Sri Madhvacharya rachita Anu Bashya all four parts Sri Madhvacharya Rachita Anu Bashya
 Sri Krishnastakam  Sri Krishna Astakam
 Sri Jaya Teerthara Stotra Sri Jayateerthara Stotra
 Sripadaraja Teerthara Stotra Sripadarajara stothra
 Sri Vyasaraja Teerthara Stotra  Sri Vyasarajara Stotra
 Sri Raguttama Teerhtara totra Stotra  Sri Raguttama Teertahra Stotra
 Sri Raghaventa Teerthara Stotra Sri Raghavendra Stotra
 Sri Guruguna Stavana Sri Guru Gruna Stavana
 Sri Guru Raghavendra Mangalastaka Sri Raghavendra Mangalastaka

One Response to “Stotras as Kannada Padya”

  1. Anil Kumar Says:

    Kindly publish the original Samskruta shlock’s also along with or prior to the kanda padyas. Shri Sheshadri Rao has been truly ‘blessed’ by Shri Hari-Vayu-Gurugalu for being able to write such beautiful kanda-padyas. Namaskaragalu

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